Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Pinterest Challenge

I read (look at) a lot of blogs. Everyday. At least 100. Today, I just so happened to notice that 3 of my very favorite blogs decided to forgo a challenge. A Pinterest Challenge. To say I am interested is an understatement. I think it is a sign I need to participate. The idea is that I find something I love/obsess over/can’t live without/planning on doing anyway/great inspiration on Pinterest and make it within the next week.

Reasons why I love this challenge:
  1. I love Emily, Sherry, and Katie. They are hilarious, super creative, and inspiring.
  2. I spend way too many hours on Pinterest marveling at all the creative ideas.
  3. If you read yesterday’s post, I love Pinterest.
  4. If you actually went to see my boards, you might have noticed the growing “Make” Board I have going.
  5. Having a deadline is always a good thing. Adds a little pressure to life.
  6. Number 99 on my list: Make at least 20 things I see on Pinterest/random blogs.

What’s my project going to be? You will just have to wait for August 2nd for the big reveal! Also, be sure to check out Katie’s, Sherry’s, Emily’s, and Lana’s blogs to see their projects!

Anyone feel like joining me in the challenge? Its going to be fun!!

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