Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let the project begin!

O. M. G.  I am so excited! If you read my blog, you might have noticed I have mentioned armchairs a fair number of times. You might have noticed that I am a bit obsessive. I even dedicated Thursday's post to how much I love me a good armchair.

I have toyed with the idea of buying a chair like this one, but they are Super expensive, especially for my entry-level salary. So, instead, I have turned to Plan B. Which I am in love with. I think I like Plan B even better than Plan A! It will be my creation! Whatever I want it to be. My sweat and tears (and let me tell you, there will probably be tears). So, what is the plan?

To find a chair to reupholster! Craigslist has been my best friend the past couple of weeks. I have been to countless garage sales, picking up pieces like this one:
Isn't it so wonderfully ugly?! I couldn't help myself! It was only $2.00! And, it still has the auction tag on the back of it. I know that some people will do love this picture (cough, roommate, cough), and I think it has some good qualities, but I just wanted it for the frame. I can't bring myself to take off the price tag, because I don't want people to think that I am serious about keeping the picture.

But, back to my chair (sorry for the tangent, I just couldn't help but share!)! So, this Saturday I mapped my route. The plan was to hit 8 different garage sales in the Houston area. I only ended up going to three. Whoops.  I couldn't tempt myself with all of them though, because I managed to find the PERFECT chair at the very first garage I stopped at!!! You heard me! I found MY chair!!! After only my third weekend of casually perusing craigslist & a few garage sales. Ah! I am in love, in love, in love!
Isn't it AMAZING?!? 
The plan for now is to paint it gray  like one of these colors:
1.SW7744 Zeus2.SW7037 Balanced Beige3.SW6205 Comfort Gray
1. Sherman Williams: Zeus 2. Sherman Williams: Balanced Beige 3. Sherman Williams: Comfort Gray

and ideally find a gray/yellow/blue/green ikat fabric. I don't know how picky I will be yet. Here are a couple fun fabrics I found online.
3. GRÖNSKA BLOM Fabric, white/blue Width: 59 " Pattern repeat: 24 "  Width: 150 cm Pattern repeat: 61 cm  4.GUNVOR Fabric, white/black Width: 59 "  Width: 150 cm
1. & 2. West Elm 3.&4. Ikea

Really, I'm all over the place. I wouldn't be surprised if the fabric turns out to be completely different than any of these. This will be very fun! Number 5 on my list is a go! 

Next Weekend: The sanding and painting commences. 


  1. Kelly, your awesome! Love it...and love your enthusiasm!!!

  2. Your creativity and excitement are so exciting. You go Baby Girl!!!!!