Wednesday, July 13, 2011

EpiCURIOUS Adventures

This is the era of trying new things, Of breaking out of the ordinary, veering away from…Velveeta Mac & Cheese.

 Yea, so…about that. Cooking and I, we have never been much of friends. Sure, I can make some mean French toast and some killer brownies from a box, but as for that other stuff (you know, the Real food like meat & veggies) we have just never understood one another in the kitchen. It always ends in tears of frustration...usually only on my end. 

My friends love to laugh at my cooking abilities. Once, I wanted to make a baked sweet potato using the microwave. Bad Idea. Thankfully, I knew not to wrap it up in foil…but that was about all I knew. So I gently washed the potato and threw it in the microwave. This can’t be too hard, I thought to myself. People do this all the time. My roommates do this all the time. The microwave is even ready for me! It has this nice little button called “Potato.” Boy, was I wrong. Apparently, you are supposed to poke it a bunch of times and wrap it up in plastic wrap. Who knew? I still can’t say that I am comfortable with the idea of making a baked potato.

But, come on! I am 23 years old…the world is my oyster. I should be able to make Something. Anything. I need to know what the difference between mincing and chopping is! About six months ago I came across this absolutely hilarious blog How Sweet It Is. Now, this is right up my ally. I’m in love. She had me at tuna…without the mayo. 

 As I continued to read, I noticed something. All her recipes looked fairly simple (fairly being a relative term, remember the potato), delicious, and they are made from scratch. I could be the next Betty Crocker! So after marveling at her sheer genius in the kitchen for a couple of weeks, I decided. I should start making meals from scratch on a weekly basis. What other way am I going to learn how to cook? This decision came before my list, so it entered on to my 6-weekly goals. Make a meal from scratch once a week for 6 weeks. That can’t be too hard! But then my list came along. I had to include cooking on my list! It was practically a necessity. At first I thought I would be safe and only make 35 new meals. But, 35 out of 1001 days...kinda wimpy. So I am going bold. 100 new meals from scratch in the next 1001 days. It will be quite the adventure!

2. Make 100 new meals from scratch

Any Good Ideas in what I should make in the next 998 days??

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  1. Mini turkey meatballs!! Always a winner at my house!