Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Update

I am not Tina Fey (I wish) or Jimmy Fallon. So, hope you weren't expecting a lovely news report. Thanks.

This weekend was wonderful. Just the right amount of busy. I was able to spend some quality time with some of my favorite people. And, if you know me, quality time is very important. 

This is the highlight of my weekend. 

I went to my very first bridal show this weekend. It was quite the experience and gave us a ton of killer ideas. I am so excited to be Betty's Maid of Honor. I cannot wait to get planning. Wait, who are we kidding here? I already have at least a ton of plans. 

But, seriously. I have the best friend in the whole world. I am so honored to be able to spend her special day by her side. And while she doesn't know this (well, okay, now she will) I will be able to cross a couple of things off my list by the time this wedding is done. At least five. You will just have to watch and see :) There will be a ton of hilarious stories by the time this is over. I just know it!

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  1. i lurve you bill!!! thanks for being the greatest!!