Sunday, August 14, 2011

I might be crazy

October 16, 2011. The date of my first triathlon. I might be slightly crazy for agreeing to do this. I've only just started training this past week. I have 9 weeks to get completely in shape. Can I complete all three tasks individually? Sure. Together? Now that will be very interesting.

While I might be extremely crazy, I have to do this. 9 weeks puts the pressure on. In this amount of time I have to prepare. I like having goals. For the next 9 weeks I will be able to keep this goal. It is obtainable.

As a first time tri'er I had to sign up for a race that I could actually complete. Remember, I only have 9 weeks. So, a 300 yard swim, followed by a 10 mile bike ride and finished with a 3 mile run. Totally doable.


And, if I manage to complete this, I will be able to check off Numero Tres on my lists of 100 things!


  1. wait I thought it was the 23rd of October? it's the 16th? Is it still in Galveston?

  2. Catherine check your email!! :-)