Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Striping Good Time

They are super fun and cute. I kind of love them. The add some flair to the normal run of the mill stripe (I am still a huge fan of classic stripes). 
So, I decided to create some of my own. They couldn't be that hard, right? A couple hours, maybe. It is just a simple stripe. Well, I was wrong. Two days later: I am one happy stripe lovin' girl. 

Remember this picture:
They make those giant openings worlds different!
Aren't they great!? I am pretty happy with them. 

Here is how I did it: 
 Step one: created a template. I took two pieces of construction paper and taped them together and sketched it on my canvas. 

Step two: after each drawn line, I followed with painters tape. This takes absolutely FOREVER if you don't have 90 degree angles, just forewarning. It requires cutting each and every piece of tape to the angle of your stripe.
Step three: I carefully added the paint. This required a couple of coats. 
Step four: After the paint completely dries, I pulled up the tape. Eeek. The paint seeped beneath the tape (does anyone have a solution to this???). So I took a small flat paint brush and hand painted the edges. 

And what do you know? I killed two birds with one stone. 

30. Paint 15 canvases. I know I painted two, but they are counting as one since it is one project.

99. Make 20 things I see in Pinterest/Blogs. I definitely took this idea from the top picture.

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