Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blogging Inspirations

I just wanted to recognize some of the amazing blogs out there that I always feel absolutely, stylishly inspired by  at the end of each of their posts. 

Jenny from Little Green Notebook is so clever with her resources. She has created an absolutely gorgeous home with a realistic budget. I cannot begin to describe how helpful that is. When it comes to decorating and designing a room, you don't need to spend a million dollars for it to look classy and purposeful.  

Rachel and Lily are really unique, which I feel is pretty hard in the blogging/pinterest world. This might seem like an oxymoron since most of their pictures come from other sites that inspire them, but there is just something so simple and refreshing about the composition of their posts. I love them. 


Erin brings a sense of clean lines and freshness to her posts. She mixes her love for interior design with her love for fashion. Overall, I have a hard core crush on her style. She is able to comb through the vast internet jungle and pull together some stellar design pieces to show her followers. 

Jordan is originally from San Francisco, but recently moved to the romantic Paris. Her photography and ideas are just what I need after a draining day.  I want to be her friend.

There are much, much more, but I am out of time. Hope you enjoy!

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