Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Update

Saturday morning I joined 3,800 Houstonians in racing for the cure for breast cancer. I have done my fair share of 5k runs, but this was by far the most crowded. It is crazy to think that this many people are affected in some way by breast cancer. Almost everyone knows someone who has suffered from this form of cancer.

It was almost too crowded to get a good run in...almost. People were still starting as I was finishing, and I was starting as people were finishing. It was a crazy circle! Competitive Runners and Noncompetitive Runners already were walking 5 feet into the run causing me to almost trip over a couple people, and   literally (accidentally) running into a couple people as I was trying to run around them (Sorry if I hit ya!). Pure Mayhem. I was surprised I didn't see Mr. Mayhem himself from the Allstate commercials. The good news though: Even though I had to do my fair share of zig zagging, I finished under 30 minutes! Whoop! 

28.44, I will take it! And, I wasn't even winded. That my friends, is a great feeling.
57. Finish a 5k in under 30 minutes. 
Completed.  Thank you very much.

Now, here is to hoping my triathlon goes as well. 14 days til race day! Eeek!! 

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