Monday, October 17, 2011

3. Complete a Triathlon

October 16, 2011

I did it. I did it. I did it. I have no idea what my time was, my bike wouldn't change gears and rattled the entire 10 miles, my calves cramped, but I finished. And, I finished well. After training and having several moments of sheer panic, I completed my race. I can cross number 3 off my list.  It feels good. Real good. 

5:30 AM: I am ready to go. Can't you tell? 

Here are some of the pictures that one of my friends got on her iPhone (Thank you so much, Lydia!)...

7:25ish: The boys start first (Way to go Josh and Drew!). To tell you what a novice I am, I was completely expecting for all of us to jump in and start. I was not expecting to tread water for 5 minutes beforehand. There is a lot of muck in pond water. I'm pretty sure I kicked a fish. It was real fun. 

7:40ish: I swam and as quickly as possible switched to biking. Note to self, make sure your shoes are untied before the race starts. I was literally yelling at my shoes as I tried to put them on and start biking. The girl who came running up after me must have thought I was completely nuts. 

8:45ish: I finished. Yay! I had a ton of energy at the end, too. I have absolutely no idea how I managed to do it. I think I was in a daze the whole 3 mile run. Hopefully, they will find my time soon so I can know how I can have a time to beat next time. 

"Why don't they have my time?" you ask? I just had to go and loose my ankle chip right before the race. I had it somewhere safe, but thought I was going to forget to go get the strap so I moved it and of course, lost it. After realizing this, I proceeded to completely lose it. After searching everywhere I went and pleaded for a new chip. Thankfully they gave me a new one. Not so luckily however, they did not get my time recorded. The funny part is, as I finished the swim I saw the chip just sitting by my helmet. It was right under my bike's nose. Lovely. 

We got medals for completing our first Triathlon!! A medal makes every race even better. 

Thanks Pam, Catherine, Josh and Drew for completing this with me!!! It was so much fun to train with you all and enjoy the finish line with ya! And, Thank you soo soo much Lauren, Zach, Marcia, Topher & Lydia for coming out to watch! Y'all were such a great encouragement!!

Now on to my next mission: 
36. Complete a 10k. Turkey Trot 2011, Here I come! 

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